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NEEDED: Laborers for the harvest in India!

India has less than 50 million Evangelicals (4% of population), mostly in the far northeastern and southernmost states. India’s central and northern states, where the bulk of India’s population reside, have very little Christian presence. By comparison, Africa has 360 million Evangelicals (35% of the population) and North and South America have 440 million Evangelicals (49% of the population). India’s Evangelicals only speak a few of the 1,500 languages needed to effectively communicate the Gospel in India. Only 10% of the languages of India have any Scriptures and Indian believers, who control the Bible societies, struggle with accepting the validity of translations in neighboring languages. India needs far more cross ‐ cultural workers than the Indian churches can realistically provide. India receives only 6% of the world’s full ‐ time Christian workers. Latin America, for example, has 25 times as many missionaries per person as India!


Why India: Sobering Facts

Sobering Facts

  • 1 in 5 people on the earth live in India
  • Nearly half a billion people (that's billions with a 'B') have never heard of the name Jesus in India.
  • Pagan religious beliefs, superstition and idol worship have a strong place in the culture and community.
  • Nearly half the population lives in abject poverty.
  • The need is too great for the indigenous churches to affectively carry out the mission.
  • Typically, for ever dollar of Christian resources given for overseas missions, less than 1 penny gets allocated for the work in India.

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