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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family's call to India. We appreciate your interest and the support people like you are providing, as the Lord's hands and feet, to our ministry.

More About Us

We invite you to browse this website to learn about our family, our mission and values, the areas we are ministering in, and the people and ministries we are serving.


Our Calling

From the beginning of our marriage, we have prayed and asked The Lord to keep us from settling into a life of ordinary, or a life of apathy for the things that bring God glory. We have prayed for our hearts to be awakened to the things that stir the heart of God, and we have prayed that He would allow us to join in on what He is doing across the nations. He has allowed us to be a part of some amazing ministries here in the states. We have been blessed to work in our hometown and see the things that God is doing locally in our community. It has been humbling to grow in the opportunities He has given us over the past decade. We are grateful for the people He has brought into our lives and for those who invested into our growing family.  Since high school, God has placed friends around us with a love for the nations and a desire to make Him known in the midst of unreached people groups.  One person in particular spent significant time in India. Our hearts would connect as we heard stories of the work the Lord was doing there.  Little did we know, years later He would be preparing us to live in the country we had heard so much about. In April of 2014, we had the opportunity to take our entire family to India to visit dear friends in the field there. Our goal was to love them well and to see the community that they have given their lives to serve. We had a great time, but were honestly excited to return to the comforts of home in the States.  Several months later, the Lord began to stir and prepare us for changes. We were not certain of what these changes would be until the opportunity to move to India was presented to us.
Through the scriptures and in prayer, God spoke to our hearts and made it clear that he was directing us to make this move. This calling was confirmed through our family and our closest friends. There were several weeks when dear friends would call us out of the blue and tell us that the Lord had laid us heavily on their hearts. God gifted us with the assurance of His calling over and over again following our commitment to be obedient to whatever He was directing. As we learn more about India and the community where we will be living, it is truly humbling to join the team and families that have gone before us. It is even more humbling to know that He desires to teach our family great things as we hope to be used for His glory. God continues to birth in us a great passion for His name and renown and to see people come to a rich faith in Christ.

Our Missions Philosophy

God is passionate about the glory of His name to be praised by people from around the world. Because of this, missions exist. God uses his people to share the truth that there is no hope apart from Christ. As committed believers, we are called to be missionaries. Our desire should be to tell of the fame of God at our work, around our communities and in our homes. We go with hopes that when Christ is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself (John 12:32). We should commit our feet to cross cultural boundaries overseas to speak the Gospel. We should pray earnestly that as there is earnestness from God for worship, that there is eagerness for His people to respond to His call. Prayer should consume our hearts for our brothers and sisters who have given up everything to reach the unreached that they would have favor in making much of the Gospel of Jesus.




Austyn is our oldest daughter. She is six years old. She is probably the most positive forgiving person we know. You will almost never catch her without a smile on her face. She surprises us with questions that make us think and usually has answers that surprise us too. You can usually catch her coloring a book or watching videos of dangerous snakes and tornados.



Channing is our four-year-old son. He is our rule follower and our snuggler. He is very protective of all his sisters and he makes sure that they are well taken care of. Channing loves to jump on the trampoline, drive his Jeep Hurricane and watch Lego Ninjas.



Piper is our two-year-old daughter. She has a wonderful adventurous spirit (aka: she gets into everything)! Whenever a fast song is being played, she starts dancing like a maniac. She is a daddy’s girl and will follow him all around the house. She loves it when her hair gets styled and loves blowing kisses to just about anyone she meets.



Jubilee is our youngest daughter and is one year old. Her name fits her so well because she loves to smile and laugh. She gets the most enjoyment when her daddy and mommy try to beat box for her. Jubilee loves it when Austyn reads to her “Good Night Moon.”