Announcing the “Golf For Hope Challenge"

What? The Golf For Hope Challenge is a golf event (preceded by a 4C week awareness campaign) to support the Gunderman family as they prepare to partner with Daughters of Hope Ministries in Bangalore, India, as fullC time missionaries. Daughters of Hope directly supports and serves marginalized women and their children, providing skills training, fair trade job opportunities, health insurance, childcare, free meals, and spiritual healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ. This is the Gunderman’s primary fundraising effort prior to their move in June 2015. This fun, unique “friendC raising” concept typically yields 3-4x more funding than traditional nonprofit golf events.

Who? Anyone interested in helping launch the Gundermans into full time ministry… Anyone with a heart for marginalized women and children… And anyone who likes to golf, because participants in this event golf for free (say what??).

How? Details around how this unique golf event concept works will be discussed in detail at our planning meeting on 2/15... Please mark your calendar to come hang out and learn more.

When/Where? (Save these key dates) Sunday, February 15th, 3:00-­‐4:30 @Bentwater subdivision (Cossick home) in Acworth, GA – Initial planning meeting for those interested in participating, helping, or learning more. Event concept and details will be outlined… don’t miss it! Thursday, March 12th, 6:30-­‐8:00pm @ Vintage 242 Church in Acworth, GA – Official Campaign Tee Off Party & Steak Dinner for all event participants….Come hungry!! Thursday, April 16th, 8:00am- 3:00pm @ Governors Towne Club in Acworth, GA – Golf For Hope Challenge golf tournament and awards ceremony… it's gonna be an awesome day.


  • Because you love the Gundermans (you know you do)!
  • Because the work of Daughters of Hope Ministry in India is a worthy cause by any measure!
  • Because moving across the world is a huge leap of faith for any family… and the Gundermans need YOUR support!
  • Because God is at work around the globe… and you're invited to partner in it!
  • Because you can golf for free! (hmm…did I mention that already?)
  • Because you can win prizes! (oh snap, now we’re talking…)